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Adults Programming age 18+


- 18+ years


Our Adults Programming offers activities for

18+ years

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The Emotional Theater Talent Show eBook Cover

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The Emotional Theater Talent Show

Jester Lester and the Mean Green Bean

The Emotional Theater Talent Show Book Cover
EQ Video Series Emotions 101


The EMOTIONS101 EQ Video Series isn't limited to kids and teens. It's an immersive collection of educational videos designed to explore the depths of emotional intelligence, equally beneficial and enjoyable for adults. These captivating videos offer invaluable insights and practical techniques, not only enhancing emotional intelligence but also igniting creativity through the power of play for adults.


Parent-Teacher Conferences present an excellent occasion to introduce the EMOTIONS101 EQ Video Series. Elevating the emotional intelligence of parents and welcoming them into the High EQ School Culture is a fantastic means to foster a sense of community and enable them to seamlessly integrate Emotional Theater's teachings with their child beyond the classroom.


Incorporating the EMOTIONS101 EQ Video Series into counseling sessions with students is a powerful method for cultivating emotional resilience, enhancing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and offering valuable support. By viewing these videos together and making use of the conversation starters provided after each video, you can create robust counseling sessions that yield long-lasting benefits, enriching the lives of students for years to come.

Smiling, Just Thinking About It! Podcast

Introducing our 10-minute podcast, where each episode features special guests sharing their cherished memories of joy that never fail to bring a smile to their faces. From heartwarming tales to sidesplitting anecdotes, we'll delve into the moments that have left a profound impact on their lives, and still, to this day, fill them with happiness.


Join us as we journey through the treasured memories of our guests, reminding us all that joy-filled moments are not just for the past but can be revisited anytime in our minds. This delightful podcast is perfect for adults seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and a gentle reminder that within each of us lies an array of joyful memories waiting to light up our smiles once more.



EQ AND YOU_ Group Coaching Click to RSVP

Welcome to the EQ AND YOU | GROUP COACHING SERIES, a transformative workshop that delves into essential aspects of emotional intelligence. In this series, we will explore topics such as Managing Emotions, Stress Reduction, Personal Power, and Empowering Relationships. Our exceptional coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you through this empowering journey.


Stay tuned for the upcoming dates and don't forget to RSVP to secure your spot. We encourage you to invite fellow teachers, parents, and counselors to join this enriching experience. By participating in this coaching series, you will not only join a supportive community but also discover how emotional intelligence can significantly benefit YOU and enhance various aspects of your life in the school community and beyond. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your emotional intelligence and embark on a path of personal growth and empowerment.

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