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EMOTIONS101 is a transformative 40-episode video series meticulously crafted to empower individuals in their journey towards mastering emotional intelligence (EQ). This is a sample. The engaging program comprises concise, science-based videos that serve as a gateway to exploring both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, offering profound insights into the world of emotions and self-awareness. Program Objectives: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: EMOTIONS101 is dedicated to cultivating a profound understanding of emotions, fostering their recognition, comprehension, management, and skillful application across diverse situations. Intrapersonal Growth: Participants will embark on a self-discovery journey, diving deep into their intrapersonal skills. This includes nurturing self-awareness and honing self-regulation abilities, enabling them to identify their emotions, triggers, and behavioral patterns. Interpersonal Skills: The program places emphasis on nurturing essential interpersonal skills. Participants will acquire the tools to navigate social interactions with empathy, effective communication, and adept relationship management. Science-Based Approach: EMOTIONS101 is firmly grounded in scientific rigor, drawing on validated concepts and theories from the fields of emotional intelligence. The content is meticulously curated based on cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices.



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