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Introducing Emotional Theater's Theater Program Emotional Theater's Theater Program is a comprehensive, standards-aligned curriculum designed to enhance emotional expression, empathy, and foster a high EQ culture within your community. Thoughtfully crafted to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL), English Language Arts (ELA), and Theatrical Arts, this program provides a rich and immersive learning experience. The best part? You run the show with your community at your location. Program Highlights: - Engaging Activities: The program includes theatrical activities, vocabulary building, writing exercises, open mic opportunities, listening exercises, art projects, miming, and a talent show builder for hosting your own live show. - Interactive Elements: Our interactive theatrical activities sourced from our website infuse the program with excitement, ensuring participants stay engaged in their learning journey. When you're apart, stay connected with our Virtual Play add-on. Using our AR costumes (aka Snapcodes) and our step-by-step online program, you and your members can continue to build EQ over social media. It’s fun and engaging—just ask the more than 6.5 million users of our AR costumes! - Comprehensive Curriculum:The program comes with a step-by-step online resource, offering a structured roadmap for instructors. - Professional Training and Support: Our professional staff provides 2 hours of comprehensive training to equip instructors with the knowledge and confidence to deliver the program effectively. Additionally, we offer a dedicated 1-hour support call whenever needed, ensuring instructors receive the assistance they require throughout the program implementation. With Emotional Theater's Theater Program, participants will have countless opportunities to grow, express themselves, and develop valuable skills in a fun and supportive environment. Join us in creating a vibrant, emotionally intelligent culture, one community at a time!



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