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This is a small sample of Emotional Theater's Theater Program, a comprehensive and standards-aligned curriculum designed by an experienced English teacher. This program is thoughtfully crafted to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL), English Language Arts (ELA), and Theatrical Arts, providing a rich and immersive learning experience. ​ With hours of engaging activities, the Theater Program offers a wealth of opportunities for participants to grow, express themselves, and develop valuable skills. The program encompasses a diverse range of activities, including vocabulary building, writing exercises, reading activities, speaking and listening exercises, art projects, miming projects, and even a talent show builder. ​ To enhance engagement, the program also incorporates our interactive theatrical activities sourced from our websites. These activities infuse the program with excitement, ensuring that participants remain engaged in their learning journey. ​ The Theater Program goes beyond just providing a curriculum. It comes complete with a full lesson plan that offers a structured roadmap for instructors and participants. Additionally, our professional staff provides 2 hours of comprehensive training to equip instructors with the knowledge and confidence to deliver the program effectively. Also, we offer a dedicated 1-hour support call whenever needed, ensuring that instructors receive the assistance they require throughout the program implementation.


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