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Emotional Theater's Rules and Guidelines for Submitting Video and Audio to Our Challenges:

  1. Content Requirements: a. All submissions must be original work created by the participant. b. Videos should showcase emotional expression and creativity. c. Performances should align with the specific challenge theme or requirements.

  2. Video Submission Guidelines: a. Videos should be of high quality and clearly show the participant's performance. b. Accepted video file formats include MP4, AVI, MOV, and WMV. c. Ensure the video is well-lit and the audio is clear and audible. d. The duration of the video should adhere to the challenge's specified time limit.

  3. Audio Submission Guidelines: a. Audio submissions should be in a compatible format, such as MP3 or WAV. b. The challenges requires participants to use a specific song or track, ensure that the audio file is in accordance with the provided guidelines. c. Audio quality should be clear and free from distortion or background noise. d. Audio and Video files found on the website are not to be copied, altered, or distributed without the written consent from Emotional Theater

  4. Submission Process: a. Participants can submit their videos and audio files via our designated submission portal on the Emotional Theater website. b. Include your name, contact information, birthdate, and  your submission file. c. Make sure to follow any additional instructions provided for the specific challenge.

  5. Copyright and Permissions: a. Emotional Theater and its affiliates will not be held liable for any copyright infringement committed by participants.

  6. Community Guidelines: a. Treat fellow participants and their submissions with respect and kindness. b. Avoid any offensive, discriminatory, or harmful content. c. Follow the platform's terms of service and guidelines when sharing or uploading your submissions.

  7. Age Requirements: You must be 13+ to upload a file to Emotional Theater's website.

By submitting your video and audio files to Emotional Theater's challenges, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these rules and guidelines. Emotional Theater reserves the right to disqualify any submission that violates these guidelines or is deemed inappropriate. Enjoy the challenges, unleash your creativity, and have a wonderful time expressing your emotions through the power of performance!

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