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EQ Coaching with Joleen Sheldon


Welcome to EQ Coaching, where you can experience the best 45 minutes of your week! Join Joleen Sheldon, an Emotional Intelligence Coach, for personalized 1:1 sessions designed to help you tap into your EQ.

During each session, you'll have the opportunity to choose videos from our EMOTIONS101 EQ Video Series, which we will watch together. These videos provide valuable insights and techniques to enhance your emotional intelligence. Through thought-provoking discussions, Joleen will guide you in exploring how to incorporate EQ principles into your everyday life.

Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in personal and professional success, as it enables us to understand and manage our emotions effectively. By developing your EQ, you can enhance your self-awareness, build healthier relationships, and make better decisions.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional development, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself and others, our EQ Coaching sessions offer a supportive and transformative experience. Join us today and unlock the power of emotional intelligence to create positive change in your life.

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