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The Karaoke Challenge is all about having a great time expressing yourself.  So, grab that microphone, sing your heart out, and become part of Emotional Theater's Karaoke Challenge today! "What's That Smell-o" is an original song written by Joleen Sheldon with Steve Sheldon on harmonica and Jeff “Felonius Smith” on steel guitar.


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Join Emotional Theater's Karaoke Challenge!

Are you ready to unleash your inner performer and have a blast? We invite you to be part of Emotional Theater's Karaoke Challenge! Get ready to queue up the "What's that smell-o" karaoke music and record your unique version of this catchy song.

Here's how to participate:

  1. Prepare for the challenge: Familiarize yourself with the lyrics and melody of the "What's that smell-o" karaoke track. Get ready to bring your best singing voice and have fun!

  2. Record your rendition: Set up your recording equipment and give it your all! Sing your heart out and showcase your talent as you perform the song along to the karaoke music. 

  3. Submit your challenge: Once you're satisfied with your recording, send it in to us. You can share it by upload it to through out Submit Your Challenge Form. We can't wait to hear your amazing performance!

  4. Be featured on our website: If selected your challenge could  be featured on our website's Karaoke Challenge page. It's an opportunity to showcase your talent and share your rendition with our vibrant community. Get ready for the applause and support from fellow challengers!

  5. Enjoy other challengers' performances: While you're on our website, take the time to listen to the other challengers' amazing performances. Celebrate their talent, leave supportive likes, and join in the spirit of camaraderie.

Note: Please ensure that your submission follows our guidelines for appropriate content and respectful behavior. Failure to do so will result in submission rejection and possible removal from the site. Be the kindest version of you and only sing the lyrics to our song!


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